7 words, “Stand against the situation and fight back”

Some time the things are not according to the road. It fells very difficult to survivor. The things to say are stuck onto the throat, heart fells an extreme level of presser, breath is too heavy to take. Mind is on a search of infinity questions. That time is one of the depressing phases of life. Solution of this doesn’t seem to be found.

 This is a starting edge of loneliness. It will throw life into the well of dark deep sorrow. Life involve into this darkness. Time of overcome cannot be decided, And survival decrease day by day.

The only way to get rid of this could be, moral up your self, Stand against the situation give and fight back. These last 7 words, “Stand against the situation and fight back” sounds good. But once we start doing it, this is itself a war to win. Who so ever wins these 7 words that will be winner of the situation?

 Once after a fight against the situation always felt there is a defeat. Then let’s take a different way to win war against 7 words. Take all the positive things out and feel those in inner circle of body. Where sorrow trying to sit. Just try to care about self. Take a deep And think about the positive energy around.

The surrounding will be full of positives. Only the things those are to be sense, Feeling of positive energy inside is the best achievement, once that is done half war is won. It will give a wining situation. The things stuck will move, heart will fell little bit of relaxes, breathing will be easy.

At the last war against 7 words will be won.

CHange… Change.. change.

When I hear a word change, It  indicates a difference , may be that is a effort to bring something on light . or denote a alternate. We can presume change can be in two forms , one is good and one is bad.

evil or goodness. When we are thinking to change something or someone. Once that change is done and it is  good. that brings smile on faces once it is bad . It make faces.  The change varies with the time to time. we can notice this  form childhood to young age to old age. Few of the changes we want to capture in our memory and some we want to vanish for all time.change is law of nature.

But some time change hurts badly. We can say, we want the change should happen with other way but it got different way. That why it hurts. Track of change is very important . Once the change happen, it may be possible , it can take out things  from you or bless by something.

Changes are good once it is done. or comes for good thing.Because no one want’s to change things to make faces. All want to smile or feel the smile by the change. All the time situations are responsible for the change.or we can say the time is responsible for the change. Some times we didn’t do things but those are portrait in the way that we are one of the culprits in that system. Those changes can turn in very bad situations ,  And it can be very bad time of life.

Whatever be the change it comes for some thing good , but for that we have to get up and face those situations as soon as possible, because once we delay  the things , It will turn more worst then rite now.

So lets face the change and mold it to a good change


Time responsible for everything

 Few hours back i was thinking to write something about friendship and relationship, But  after a hair pin thinking on friendship and relationship i caught in
 darkness.What is a friendship.What is a relationship.Then i realize that is only a TIME.Time is the biggest factor for everything. and it is
 responsible for everything.
Then i start thinking about the statement (TIME is responsible for everything), and realize its  rite. after  a couple of pages. A new statement comes on
 ” Money needs time, we all know. But everything needs time we never realize”.
If we closely view some of the events happened in our/others life.We can realize above statement is very true.Once we saw some people has gone
through a bad time or bad relation/friendship/other things. Once do a microscopic investigation on that event,we found there is a lack of time spend on the
things/with people/person, that causes event to occur.Once we spend  a good quality of time with anything,we improve that.
So many people have the ideology of negative thoughts.we cannot say negative thoughts are not there but negative thoughts can be minimize.
Once you pass a quality time with the things/relation/friends/other stuff. you will get a strong bonding.I hope you guys also listened from any person at
your life “at first, i don’t like.But after some time, i think she/he can be. After few month, that is the one i am searching for”. Don’t take it otherwise just
take it as a statement.Just see the flow  of statement,It indicates the time spend with the things/with people/person is a good quality time. Its true for all
Couple of years back “I had scaled my self in C++ 3/10.” Then i realize the same thing.and spend time with C++ , truly it goes up. to 6/10. That
was a good result. In couple of months back i had stop spending time with C++. And we cannot believe this scale is again change to 4/10. Then i realize
the statement ( Money needs time, we all know. But everything needs time we never realize, time is responsible for everything).And again i start spending
time with C++ and other things too.